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What is a sewer emergency?

A sewer emergency is a location where sewage is leaking out of a pipe, manhole, etc. or a location that has a sewer backup (toilets will not flush, sinks or tubs do not drain).  If you think it might be an emergency, but are not sure, please call 951-653-5120.  This will connect you to an answering service. that is available to answer your call 24 hours per days, seven days a week..  If there is a delay in answering your call, please hold on.  They will come on the line and will be able to get all of your information to someone who can help you. 

If there is a sewer backup at your home or place of business an authorized representative of the District will come to determine if the problem is in the District's facilities or is located on private property.  This visit to determine if the District facilities are the location problem is at no cost to the owner/resident of the property. 

If the backup is within the District's facilities, the problem will be addressed by the District at no cost to the customer.  If the problem is determined to be on private property, the repair and its cost is the responsibility of the owner of the property.